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Welcome to the Angler Qwest Podcast 

May 11, 2023

We're heading to Saginaw Bay on this edition of the Angler Qwest podcast to talk with Doug Ward of Xpress Fishing Charters.

The retired teacher turned charter captain is on his fourth Angler Qwest and says there's no better boat on the water.  In fact, he replaced his Lund and Triton boats with an Angler Qwest.

Doug talks about the evolution of AQ and design improvements over the years.

He also describes his technique for Saginaw Bay Walleye including down rods with nightcrawlers and body baits with just one hook.

Ward talks about how he uses downscan and sidescan to find fish and the transition from walleye to salmon fishing.

The discussion wraps up with Doug's comments on why it's important to get kids involved in fishing.