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Welcome to the Angler Qwest Podcast 

Sep 15, 2022

We're checking in with "Mr. Angler Qwest" Brad Dupuie to learn more about the 2023 line up of Angler Qwest pontoons.

Brad talks about modifications for the new model year, including the addition of a second livewell, the option for a trolling motor mount and some tweaks to the bimini system.

He also highlights the new...

Aug 11, 2022

We head to the St. Mary's River in Michigan's Upper Peninsula this time on the Angler Qwest Podcast to talk with Jason Carstens of True North Guide Service.

Jason describes that unique fishery and how he targets atlantic salmon with a fly rod.

He also talks about the fall fishing for pink salmon and springtime action...

Jul 14, 2022

We're talking with "Mr. Angler Qwest" on this edition of the podcast.

Brad Dupuie is a hard core angler and driving force behind Angler Qwest Pontoons.

He designed the first prototype boat and spearheaded much of the subsequent models and improvements.

In this conversation with Mike Avery, Brad talks about fishing for...

Jun 13, 2022

It's a conversation with long time Angler Qwest Pro Staffer Dan Jordan on this edition of the podcast.

Dan is an avid multi species angler who travels the country in search of trophy fish.

He talks about a recent striper fishing trip to Georgia that was filled with adventure.

Dan also discusses trailering and launching...

May 12, 2022

We're heading underwater this time on the Angler Qwest podcast with spearfishing expert Julie Higgs.

Julie recently competed in the national spearfishing championship on Lake Powell in Arizona, where she finished first in that competition.

The firefighter paramedic talks about that high stress career, her love for the...