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Welcome to the Angler Quest Podcast 

Jun 13, 2024

This time on the Angler Quest podcast, we're talking with Dan Jordan of Team AnglerQwest.    

Dan has spent thousands of hours on an Angler Quest while fishing for many different species across the country.  

Dan talks about why he loves the fishing pontoon, trailering the boats, exploring new fisheries on an AQ...and...

May 10, 2024

It's time for an update on the evolution of Angler Quest and we're getting that info from the man himself....Brad Dupuie.

Brad talks about the status of his new company, including progress on the new Angler Quest design.

He describes the process of building prototype boats and how long it will take to get production...

Jan 11, 2024

This is a very special edition of the AQ podcast as "Mr. Angler Quest", Brad Dupuie announces a change in the direction of the company.

Brad is starting a new company to produce the boats under a new name....Angler Quest Pontoons (with a U instead of a W).  He's going to concentrate specifically on fishing boats,...