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Welcome to the Angler Quest Podcast 

Nov 12, 2021

"Mr. Angler Qwest", Brad Dupuie returns to the Angler Qwest Podcast this month for a very interesting conversation.

First, Brad talks about his passion for deer hunting, and why that activity is a lot like searching for big walleye.

Then, the boat designer describes the continued growth of the Angler Qwest brand, demand for the boats...and how supply chain issues have affected their ability to produce boats.

Even with those limitations, Brad says boats will be available in 2022, but the key is to establish a relationship with a dealer now, before the traditional boat show season.

Dupuie also describes changes to the 2022 models, including an 8'6" beam, redesigned bimini, cantilevered fishing platform... and more.

The conversation wraps up with plans to take Angler Qwest into new markets and fisheries, including saltwater.